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The Java Workbench in jGRASP allows users to create Java objects, call methods on those objects, change field values, etc. outside of any running program, or within a program that is being debugged. In a "workbench" mode, objects are created from the UML class diagram window or from source code windows. If a breakpoint is hit in any constructor or method called, the integrated Java debugger becomes active, and the constructor or method can be debugged. The workbench can also be used in a "debugger" mode, while debugging a Java program. During debugging, any in-scope object can be placed on the workbench, so that it can easily be monitored when out-of-scope. New objects can also be created in this mode, and methods can be called or field values changed for any workbench object or any in-scope object.

jGRASP Workbench